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When God release the Word/ Promise it is released in seed form, in order for us to receive it in the natural we must go through the process of preparation to position ourselves to ...

special guest: Pastor Sondra Tate Speaks on being people of integrity and truth in God. Acts 5:1-11

Psalm 23:5-6, You have been exalted by the table prepared over your enemies, and the perfume of favor is upon your head and you don't smell like what you been through!

Pastor Calvin Moore of Word of Fire Tabernacle Walking in your Authority Genesis 3:15

Pastor John Joyner Speaks on "New Beginnings" God doing a new thing in the midst of your suffering!  

Guest Bishop T Allin Moore teaching from 1 Sam 30:1-10

1 thess. 5:4-7; Matt. 10:7-8; somebody needs a touch, somebody needs yokes destroyed, somebody needs to be called out! God has called you to be awakened and to walk in authority an...

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